Blog Updates & The Future of “The Autistinquisitor”

Hello, everybody.

This post has been a long time coming. I had many plans for this blog since I started it, including weekly posts that I had started making around the beginning of 2018.

Unfortunately, it was around this time last year that I was hit with a sudden incident – an situation that initially seemed minor, but over time, dragged on indefinitely, and continued to get worse – it seemed that just as things would start to settle down and the situation move toward a resolution, something new would suddenly emerge and things would get more tense/worse. If anyone reading this has ever played Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies, you can think of it like the changing round theme:


Anyhow, memes & jokes aside, 2018 was a very difficult and challenging year for me on many fronts. And while I am currently not at liberty to share the full story, once the waters clear it is something I intend to do – to prevent future occurrences, particularly, and to spread awareness of the fact that these things commonly happen to Autistics sadly.

When 2019 rolled around, I decided that I wanted to turn things around for good. Learning from the hardships of the previous year, I no longer wished to be stuck doing nothing, hardly traveling outside my home, feeling constantly depressed, and taking a less active role within the Autistic community.

I suppose one can say, that my “new year’s resolution” (if people even do those things anymore) was to take a more active role within the Autistic community, to no longer hold myself back, to put myself out there, and to rebuild my life.

When it comes to holding back, I say that specifically because like many Autistics, I have  great ideas, but I do not always take the opportunity to act on them – sometimes because of fear, such as the fear of inadequacy. And that brings me to finally announce the future of my blog, The Autistinquisitor.

This has been a long time coming. Since I joined the Autistic community and found my place within the Neurodiversity Movement, I have always wanted to innovate. To pioneer. I have always thought of myself as one who likes to find unconventional solutions to problems, to think of unconventional approaches, much like many Autistics. This innovative, inquisitive spirit was partially what inspired me to name my blog, “The Autistinquisitor”.

But now I realize that this blog has more potential than I initially thought. Yes, I want, like many of my Autistic comrades, to have a blog where I can both express my thoughts, and educate the populace on the neurodiversity movement and paradigm. But I want to do so much more than just that.

Taking inspiration from some other Autistics such as Amythest Schaber(neurowonderful) or Christa Holmans (Neurodivergent Rebel), I will be expanding The Autistinquisitor.

Alongside maintaining a blog where I will continue to post articles, I will also be resurrecting the Autistinquisitor YouTube channel, and have started a Twitter account .

I have a new vision, which is to eventually transform The Autistinquisitor into an independent Autistic-run media “channel” that both contributes to Autistic activism, and shows Autistic lives from the lens of the neurodiversity paradigm.

This goal, of course, is not an easy task. But as the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day. And so: day by day, I will continue to work on making this vision happen.

So in the meantime, what can you expect from The Autistinquisitor in the foreseeable future?

When it comes to my blog, I intend to re-vamp frequent postings; either weekly, or bi-weekly. I will also re-write older articles (and label them as re-written). I will start to address both current and older issues facing the Autistic community – some of these articles were meant to be written months ago, but will be published in the weeks and months following.

When it comes to YouTube. I have a bunch of more ambitious projects coming. In my bid to create an Autistic media channel, I, along with a close local friend, have been working on the creation of an Autistic original semi-fictional action-comedy series. The name is TBD (to be determined). I plan on creating more original Autistic series as well.

The first episode of said series will release in May 2019, followed by a teaser for future episodes.

In the mean time, I may work to organize other videos to be posted on my channel, such as video chats or discussions with fellow Autistics on different issues affecting our community.


I am looking forward to my return to “active duty”, as I like to humorously call it – and I am glad to finally be back in the game. Hopefully permanently, this time.

Author: autistinquisitor

An autistic advocate who is trying to raise not autism awareness, but autism acceptance. An advocate for the neurodiversity paradigm.

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